A SOLO adventure of a San-Paro police officer

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A SOLO adventure of a San-Paro police officer Empty A SOLO adventure of a San-Paro police officer

Post by at0m1 on Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:27 pm

It was another beautifully day in our city san paro untill I got a call from an unknown number telling me that some criminals from the "Blood Roses" criminal group have had taken over the duty of planting some bombs around town.
So,As any good officer would do I head over to the scene while still eating my donut(which I choked on while driving cuz one hell of a donut).
I get to the scene with some flips on the road in my Vegas 4x4 and it was a quiet neighborhood with some nice looking people,little did I know the criminals were setting me up with the looks around me.
So I start searching for bombs in the area and manage to find one that will blow in a minute.
as stressful that was I managed to take the bomb away while still being watched from far.
And as I was heading back to the office I got another call saying that some people did a gang graffiti in the local skating park.
I surely got pissed by that so went hurrying over there and in less than a minute I was there investigating.
Then one of the criminals that was wandering doing graffiti saw me covering it with the official tag,He started shouting at me and cursing because that's what he does to the authorities ofcourse.Seeing that im not giving attention to him so he takes his n-tec and starts shooting in the air to warn me.
So i panicked and took my cap-40 out to counter his attacks at me.
After quite some time fighting I hear cars coming behind me so I decide to peek and see 3 of his friends came to help him out so I call reinforcements and get some that were quite close the problem was they were still new to duty so they don't know how to play it safe with their lives and it was my job as their superior to help them get that which made me in a 1v4 situation thankfully i found a brief chance of escaping my cornered position and took it to relocate and take the criminals out.
Took my sniper rifle out and started to shoot them.
As they saw that coming from me the decided to go rocket and grenade launchers to get to me.
and that is how my friend im in the hospital being treated of my wounds

And that is my story for the juggernaut cometetion.


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